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Payment System AlertPay.

Logo AlertPayAlertPay E-payment system developed recently in comparison with others - only 16 June 2005. The sole owner of a company with the same name. A native of Canada, she and her main office is located in Quebec. In other cities there are a large number of subsidiaries. Despite the very "childish" age, AlertPay currently belongs to the category of the most popular Internet payment systems. It has several advantages that helped it to achieve takyj positions within such a short time:

1. Openness and accessibility for residents of any state of the world.
2. Clear interface on the official websites of the company, which makes the process of implementation and adoption payments fast and convenient.
3. Availability of referral program, which no other payment systems. Here, customers are able to receive remuneration for their involvement in the system of new users.

4. Availability of funds in the account: they can be introduced into the system and derive from it freely and unhindered.

Official site - www.alertpay.com. In order to open an account and begin to make him the operation does not require installation on your PC any additional software - you just register on the official site. Here are some features. First, as an account number that is used for work in the system is your specified email address. Therefore must first create a separate E-mail, which should not tell anyone. Funds in the system can be translated not only to existing accounts, but in general for any E-mail. Once it is registered, the money from it can be removed. Currently the system works with 13 kinds of currencies of various countries. Russia’s users are mostly working with dollars.

When registering in the system is first necessary to choose the account type. With whom you work. Total system offers three types of accounts:
1. Initial personal account - Personal Starter Account. It is very simple to use and is intended primarily for novice system, but most users just use it because it only accounts are exempt from all the committees in carrying out transfers in the system. But this system imposes limitations as a possible limit to fund the account, as well as the impossibility of obtaining payment on it. This type of an account can be tied to no more than two email addresses.
2. Advanced personal account, or Personal Pro Account. It not all restrictions are available in the initial analysis, including the possible number of bound e-mail addresses. From this account at the time of each operation was withdrawn fee of 2,5% of the payment with an additional deduction of $ 0.25. It is also expected to make payments under pomooschi plastic cards. Also, holders of accounts Personal Pro Account can get Premium Account, which gives additional possibilities for sovershegnii operations with the accounts.
3. Business Account or Business Account initially has the properties of an account of premium. The fee for the transaction here is the same as you would with a score of Personal Pro Account.

Procedures that must be done to create an account:
1. Select the account type, an indication of the country. From which the registration.
2. Writing in a special registration form passport data.
3. Enter a password and email address, which will be sent a link to activate an account. It also is given a specific secret word by which you can restore the codes in case you forget them.
4. Actually, the process of activating an account. Should simply follow the link that was sent by e-mail.
5. In the end you need to come up with PIN-code, which is an additional measure of security.

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