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Payment System Easypay.

Easypay is the first official, electronic payment system, operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The opening took place in 2004 November 9 joint project of ISP LLC "Open Contact" (220004, Belarus, Minsk, ul. Kalvariyskaya 17-516) and Belgazprombank (220121, Belarus, Minsk, ul. Pritytskogo 60 / 2). Easypay, as a payment system exists only on the territory of Belarus. The system uses as a means of payment "electronic money".

EasyPay - a payment system designed for rapid implementation of micropayments, especially related to the payment of services and products online magazinov.Sistema consists of two components - "the Bank" and "Processing Center". "Bank" - a bank payment system using electronic money, serviced Belgazprombank ", and" Processing Center "- a system for remote electronic purse, supported by LLC" Open Contact ". Peculiarity of the system is the availability of SMS-service, giving users the ability to manage your electronic purse by means of SMS-messages.

e-currency accounts in EasyPay is the Belarusian ruble. Oriented Easypay on, then, to carry out rapid micro payments in the networks of Internet citizens living on the territory of Belarus. Application of "electronic money" as a means of payment easypay regulates the Resolution of the Board Bank of the Nation of the Republic of Belarus of 26.11.2003.

buyer can choose products or services online shop, place orders for purchase and it also specify the identifier Easypay of its electronic purse. Based on this order shop online form the electronic bill and pass it in the system easypay the name of the buyer.

buyer, entering into the system easypay site: www.easypay.by , in the mode of protection, will be able to pay bills on orders previously made. Applying the capabilities easypay system administrators monitor online stores payment of purchase and can confirm or reject the execution of orders.

If the transaction took place, the bank successfully translates the Web buyer’s money at the expense of online store. These web shop internet makes money in the bank for payment and will receive a Belarusian rubles. When goods and services are paid a commission from the taxpayers are not holding. In applying the maximum amount of electronic money transaction 1 can not exceed thirty-basic variables, ie 1 050 000 rubles.

As soon as an anonymous user registers in the system, you already can buy easypay electronic money, and with their help pay for the goods (service) enterprises serisa and trade, and to make transfers of virtual currency easypay other participants in the system.

transfers of individuals within Easypay of only 2% of the amount of transfers (charged to the sender of funds).
Deposit funds (to buy electronic money) EasyPay be more than 2 800 locations throughout Belarus:
The offices

  • Belgazprombank (more than 45 offices). Time enrollment: 30 minutes, the commission: 0%
  • In the post offices of the Republic of Belarus (more than 1 500 offices). Time of enrollment: from 30 minutes to one banking day, the commission: 0%
  • through plastic card payment system MasterCard Maestro released Belgazprombank. Time enrollment: 15-20 minutes, the commission: 0%
  • The branches and ATMs Belagroprombank (more than 350 points). Time enrollment: 30 minutes, the commission: 1%
  • The branches and ATMs Belinvestbank (more than 400 points). Time enrollment: 30 minutes, the commission: 1,2% Through
  • infokiosks, terminals, ATMs JSC "BPS-Bank" (more than 540 points). Time enrollment: 30 minutes, the commission: 1,5%
  • from any other bank, by bank transfer. Time enrollment: can reach up to 5 days or more, the commission: usually 1-3%
    Output (to settle) electronic money EasyPay, you can:
  • cashier Belgazprombank, or in non-cash basis for the requested bank account. Application for redemption of electronic money is issued on the operating page of the site. Money can be found on the following banking day after the transaction to the selected point of maturity, showing a passport. Commission: 2% of the amount. redemption
  • EasyPay electronic money to the card payment system MasterCard, issued Belgazprombank. Redemption through the Internet at the operational site EasyPay and is available at any time. Time of operation - not more than 20 minutes. Commission: 2% of the amount.

    EasyPay possible to exchange to other e-currencies, including: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, RuPay, e-gold, MoneyMail, e-Bullion, Beth-market, V-Money, UkrMoney. Service is provided with the support of Russia’s largest Internet payment operator ZAO "Center for Internet Payments» (Roboxchange.com)

    advantage Easypay of the payment system, it is considered bezkomissionnaya payment for goods and services, the possibility of transferring cash to plastic cards MasterCard, issued by Belgazprombank and back, no need to install software. The disadvantages of the system include: limiting the effects of the payment system (RB), limiting the amount of each payment (maskimum 30 basic units), the impossibility of using the system anonymously and commission for the transfer between members of the system - 2%.

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