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Payment System E-Gold.

Name of the electronic payment system E-Gold is a combination of English-language electronic gold, which translates into Russian as "e-gold. Primarily it is intended to implement all kinds of transfers on the Internet by non-cash means. That is, if you say exactly, in the legal system for a receipt that a certain amount of gold stored in the company’s founders. The owner of the system E-Gold is Gold and Silver Reserve Inc. Officially, this is done through a registered company e-gold Ltd. Official site - www.e-gold.com.

The system was established in 1996, during the long years of its existence it has become one of the most popular on the Internet. Today, every day through E-Gold is more than $ 500000.

Undoubtedly, one of the main advantages of the system, which enabled her to gain popularity around the world - is its international outlook and the possibility of converting the currency of any country. In the system itself there are no equivalents of any exchange. Here payments occur when, by means that are enclosed mainly in gold (e-gold), as well as other precious metals: silver (e-silver), palladium (e-palladium) and platinum (e-platinum).

The primary objective of the system E-Gold since its inception was to provide opportunities for businessmen all over the world to fast payments online, without encountering difficulties associated with the need to transfer the currency of one country in another currency.

There are no units on it is the currency in E-Gold also does not exist. It all amounts are calculated by weight of precious metals, especially gold. Key measures - this is troy ounce, expressed as the abbreviation XAU, and gram (AUG). Ratio of these units, respectively 1:31,1034768. And gram, ounce and can be represented in the form of fractional numbers. For example, you can perform the operation with the sum of 0,5 XAU.

When working with system E-Gold is important to remember two of its main features. First, the system in principle, there is no cash transactions. There are only non-cash payments. And secondly, directly exchange E-Gold can not be exchanged for others. This can be achieved only through third-party services. Thus, in Russia such services provide services RUpay, ExCHEngine and some others.

Installation of special software on your computer at login is not required. The process is quite simple: it is only necessary to complete the registration form, which, in addition to passport data, e-mail states, which is immediately and automatically come your account number.

In carrying out transactions through E-Gold to choose the type of currency, depending on the amount of payments that you plan to implement. If they are sufficiently small, it is quite suitable gold and silver. When the alleged large amounts is the best choice of palladium and platinum.

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