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Payment system Liberty Reserve.

Logo Liberty ReserveSo, formally office Liberty Reserve be in Costa Rica (offshore zone) and obeys the laws of this country, and the system is subject to the law of this country. Address Internet www.libertyreserve.com Beginning of the work system since 2002. The main advantages that are mentioned in the descriptions themselves the creators of the system are completely irreversible transfers, completely anonymous, such that even the account number is not visible recipients of remittances, and the minimum commission of course, on the operation. Costa Rica has no mutual legal assistance treaty with the United States that allows the payment system Liberty Reserve positioned as a convenient payment tool on the Internet. The laws of the State of Costa Rica, where the registered system Liberty Reserve, allow to work with gambling, investment (HYIP, Autosurf) and similar sites.

Commission is not just small, they are absent. The only thing, if you wanted to use polneyuschuyu anonymity, then it will cost you $ 0.75 for a transfer. Naturally, Registration is free and security is high and it is advertised in full, and without that much.

proper site of the system apparently not how it is noticeable. Structure, neutral colors, the menu is located as usual. In short, the level is done, and without claims. All texts are printed in the language of England, the other options yet.

It makes sense to understand what general can be useful, this system of payment. About the missing commission, it is understandable. It is very comfortable with the translation, in those cases where you can easily remove and put the money from the system. Another would be good, that through this system could pay for any services, goods. The list of sellers who accept cash in electronic form Liberty Reserve , is provided on the site system. List Sellers: As many as 8 positions, it is over 5 years of work, of which 4 companies, 2 stores, representing the financial services, 1 casino, 1 hoster. And with the problem of "input-output" no solution at all trivial. This can be done only through e-exchangers. And they are all outside, the system does not even have his exchanger, and the bank / credit card will not help.

commissioning Liberty Reserve average commission is normal, in 5% (in this case is considered an exchange WMZ Liberty Reserve ), but the withdrawal is not so ok. In exchange Liberty Reserve WMZ at ROBOX commission 9%, while, for example, AutoCambist (who is Russian interface) for a similar exchange commission is only 2%. A conclusion from this is as follows. In other systems (Pecunix E-gold, etc.) relations Liberty Reserve similar, exchange commissions are not small. It turns out that to transfer money using Liberty Reserve is not entirely beneficial because of the Commission on output and input. So the sense to apply this system is not well understood.

Security system is very well equipped. There are three levels of protection. The first - to enter the input PIN code to create the registration. Then the system will always seek his input. In the feature that its gain on the virtual keyboard, without using the real. This eliminates the intercept program - logger, but does not protect against programs that have dented the motion of the mouse. The second level - where there is the usual password.

third - another three-digit PIN code, this time billing, which is required to enter in the accomplishments of the transaction. He is introduced as a virtual keyboard. By the way, the login form is still "chip". When you register, you specify a phrase, arbitrary, which is then displayed in your future enjoyment at the entrance. The site on which you enter a shell, if the phrase does not coincide with the one that you invented. And he just looks like the official site of the system and is designed to steal your data input.

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