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Payment System Liqpay.

Payment System Liqpay appeared on the Internet, as a result of activities of Ukrainian commercial bank - "Privatbank". This financial authority covers its branches all regions of Ukraine, has a registered office in Cyprus. Capital PAO CB "Privatbank" as of 11/12/2009 city is 7 810 865 848 UAH. Subsidiaries abroad: AB «PrivatBank», Republic of Latvia, JSC "Moskomprivatbank, Russia, 3AO" TAOPRIVATBANK "Georgia.

initiated the organization of the payment system Liqpay and its owner is the head of the department of e-business Privat, Alexander Knight. The beginning of the system Liqpay is 11.03.2008.

Unlike systems Yandex money and Webmoney, service Liqpay was originally created for mobile enrollment payments and financial transactions on the Internet using Internet accounts Privatbank and bank cards with Visa or MasterCard.

work in the most simplified. Account number is a mobile phone number in international format (7 xxx xxx xx xx). During registration number is entered the mobile phone, which accounts for SMS c code, which must be entered in the registration form. For training of the system is given a bonus $ 0.05.

Liqpay performs financial transactions with four types of currencies: dollars, euros and rubles hryvnia.

With this system you can pay for Internet access, telephony, utility bills, pay bills, transfer money from one internal account Liqpay on the other hand, cash checks Google and others

Entering cash into the system through a system of terminals Privatbank and Visa or MasterCard. Out the money from the accounts is available with the Visa card and ATM Privatbank. Visa or MasterCard must have the option to conduct operations with electronic currencies.

Depositing money with the cards on the account and the exchange between the internal accounts Liqpay are made without commission. When withdrawals are charged commission:
- At the expense Privat - 0,55 $ + 1,0% (period of 1 business day);
- Through ATM Privatbank and enrollment at the map Visa - 1,95 $ + 1,0% (period of 3 to 6 banking days).

Operations allowed in the system Liqpay.
Possible transfer of electronic money:
- From one mobile phone to another;
- Maps to the phone;
- The phone on a map.

For each transaction on a mobile phone will be sent an SMS with the code that you enter to confirm the action performed. You can credit the subscriber’s phone, even without registration Liqpay. When transferring the payment to this customer on mobile phone will receive SMS with the code, using which he can view the amount of the payment, go to Liqpay and entering your phone number and code SMS.

Benefits Service Liqpay:
- The most simple way to perform operations with e-currency, does not require special software. The system operates on a common platform Java;
- Possibility of a Visa or MasterCard or account Privatbank fast cash currency or to transfer funds around the world;
- Possibly through money changers to convert the money into an electronic currency Liqpay Webmoney (usually commission exchanger within 3%).
- Quickly make payments for goods and services;
- Minimum payment from 0,01 USD

Disadvantages service Liqpay:
- Main disadvantage is the closure of the account number. If you lose the phone account becomes available. To restore the control necessary to pass the procedure of identification;
- Per day is allowed to hold no more than four transactions on the account, regardless of whether successful or not, was a previous attempt.

The basis of the security service Liqpay is to use one-time password (One-time Password). Guarantee of reliability are the certificates MasterCard SecureCode, GoDaddy Secure Web Site and the Verified by Visa.

Development of Liqpay will be scheduled in the direction of adapting it to the world’s foreign exchange services (Pre-paid).

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