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What монета.ру.

Логотип платёжная системы монета.ру MONETA.RU a system of electronic payments, which is one of the safest and most convenient system for billing for services or goods on the Internet. The global system is very high, so it is possible to use it to pay for goods and services in various foreign online shops, pay mobile communications and services for the use of Internet and television. Moneta.RU was founded in 2006 with WebDollar and was presented as one of the most secure and safe payment systems on the Internet, was confirmed over time. This system is calculated customers who are in the CIS in the first place to work with various foreign systems, so this system has such stable orientation to the west to the Russian-speaking customers can easily make payments anywhere in the world.

coin. Uzbekistan has developed for its protection of several options for the interface used to enter the private office and management wallets. To work with these programs developed user manuals, which must be carefully read and learn to use the system. The owners of the system tried make it as user-friendly for this purpose have been developed several ways to enter to the account of his electronic wallet. With the help of bank or postal money order, cash through payment terminals, prepaid cards, electronic money order, or other payment systems. This money can be used for any payments from the Internet, where you want to spend it. To withdraw money from your Purse also has several options. You can use the transfer to your bank account or transfer money to other payment systems. Now payment system "Coin Uzbekistan began a close and fruitful cooperation with new partners," the musical map. "

Translating funds from your account at "musical map" to an account in the payment system «Moneta.ru», you can pay for the services of mobile operators communications and Internet service providers, digital television, as well as buying lottery tickets on the website www.i-loto.ru and play more than thirty gaming portals Russia and Europe. In addition, you get the opportunity to cash out money from the account in the "musical map", translating them into account in the payment system «Moneta.ru». It is tempting offers MONETA.RU does business. The basic set of proposed options for cooperation - exchange item of electronic currency on the partner site, wholesale and retail voucher payment MONETA.RU; attract new users for premium fee to your account. We must know and remember that all transfers outside of coin. RU obkladyvaetsya fees are ranging from 2 to 2.5%, within the system transfers between participants take place without the commission that is to save money. The user is allowed to register any number of accounts in the system. Specify the actual data during registration is not required, however, if one day you will not get from someone owed you a payment and to refer the matter to the service of technical support, You may be required to confirm your identity. To register in the system to fill a short form, in which you are paying attention to the presence of checkboxes in front of the words "Use e-mail as login.

After registration to the e-mail message arrives with a link to activate your account in the system. The letter will contain your ID (login), consisting of 8 digits and a security code (5 digits), which will be needed for confirmation of payment transactions. Maybe it’s the only argument in favor of security within MONETA.RU. Also user MONETA.RU right to demand refund within means, recorded on his account in the system. To do this he will need to make a statement for refund with the notarization of his signature and send it by e-mail address in the LLC MONETA.RU. Return of funds according to the agreement is carried out within one month from the date of receipt of the application. This administration has the right to demand MONETA.RU Users with payment documents that confirm the payment. Therefore, each user should correctly understand that the electronic payments, it is too small, but the bank where you work, so during all kinds of payments and other transactions are seriously to fill various payment forms that you fill out, then to not be your very upset that the money from you written off a product or service for which they are paid, you have not received. In conclusion, I want to say that working with the system is simple, there is no difficulty in work programs, all available and carefully painted in the user manual, so you should read the rules work not to be lost during work. The nice thing is that the system represented by a large number of Internet - servers, which currently employs system, and this is a big plus, because there is a range of choice.



Yandex.Money commission 4,5%
Wire transfer bank commission of 1%
Postal Order Commission of the Russian Post 1.7% (not less than 25 rubles.)
CONTACTkomissiya system Contact 1,5% (not less than 60 rubles.)
Telebank - VTB24 2% (not less than 15 rubles.)
PLATEZH.RU commission system PLATEZH.RU 2%
«HandyBank» commission 4,5%
Bank24.ru commission 1,5%
MoneyMail commission 1,5%
Terminals «QIWI» commission agent + 5%
Terminals Elecsnet commission 3%
Terminals "System Multikassa" commission agent + 3%
Terminals «Money-Money» commission 3,5%
Terminals "Mobile Element fee is 2%
Terminals Sistema City "commission 2,5%
Terminals «ComePay» commission 2,5%
Terminals «CiberPay» Commission 3%
Terminals "ESGP" Commission 4%


Yandex.Money fee is 2% + 0,5% YM
Bank transfer fee is 2%
CONTACT komissiya3, 5%
PLATEZH.RU 2% + commission system PLATEZH.RU 3%

Payment for goods and services

GoldFishka Commission 1%
Other services the commission 0%

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