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Logo MoneyMail The beginning of Russia’s payment system MoneyMail was laid November 24, 2004 During the 8 months prior to this event, with preparatory work to create a software system. The first three months of payment system MoneyMail worked only with its partner banks, and only starting from 24 February 2005. each user of the network could use its services. The legal space of the electronic payment system MoneyMail is russia. Address Internet https://www.moneymail.ru/ .

MoneyMail today - this open electronic cash payment system, which provides the possibility of online-bank. Remote management tools in the system MoneyMail is a "Megawatt-Bank. Credit card transaction is carried out by Impexbank. A company Cyberplat "allows participants MoneyMail account top-up with cellular operators. Now the number of partners, payment system MoneyMail includes more than 20 major banks, including "Russian Standard", "Raiffeisenbank", "Impex", "Home Credit", "Alfa Bank Express", "Rosbank", "Citibank" and other leaders of Russia banking sector. EPS MoneyMail is not a financial or credit institution and does not conduct banking operations.

With a basic set of tools MoneyMail , become possible to pay for hosting, buy in shops products and services, pay bills for telephone, utilities, pay for internet or mobile phone. You can also use credit cards of domestic banks to send money to e-mail and set up different accounts. A payment system can register every citizen of Russia, who is 18 years. The registration procedure involves entering your email address, password, date of birth and verification number. After that, the post will receive a letter with a link to activate your account and open an account. As the account number in the system MoneyMail uses e-mail address you provided during registration. Currency chosen by the user, you can keep money in rubles, dollars or euros. All Transactions are conducted through a web interface system using a secure SSL-protocol. Client systems do not need to install additional software on your computer.

MoneyMail supports two types of accounts, which depends on status: an anonymous and confidential. Under the status it should be understood level of confidence to the user of the system. Each new registered users by default are granted anonymous status. In order to obtain confidential status, you must put your signature under the package of documents. Documents sent by mail, or within Moscow could deliver their messenger.

Obtaining trust status will help expand the limits of transaction, greatly simplifies the password recovery procedure, and also provides an opportunity to take a consumer loan in the bank, which has partnerships with the system MoneyMail .

Commission system in the case of transfers between the parties is 1%, paid by sender. The same percentage of system charges from the sender, on receipt of bills for payment of another party system. If the recipient is not a participant in the payment system

MoneyMail , he offered to register to pay the invoice.

Account in MoneyMail you can fill up plastic cards, Mastercard or Visa, as well as in branches Impexbank or the central office "Megawatt-Bank". Account can recharge and in other banks, with account opening is not necessary. In this case, the bank itself determines the percentage of the commission. If the account is replenished with prepaid cards MoneyMail, the commission will not be charged.

most convenient and popular way - it deposits via payment systems Yandex.Money and WebMoney. To do this exchange with the exchange services. Thus, we can not only replenish your account, and withdraw funds from MoneyMail. Through cooperation with the Bank MoneyMail "METROBANK, payment system, users can get untied bank loan.

Minimum transaction size in the system MoneyMail - 10 rubles. Outs of the system are: the complexity of the system to restore access, banning the use of the system for a business, focus on Federal and regional established a commission of 1% in payments from user to user within the system, a relatively high fee to withdraw money from the system, the extreme complexity and legal bankruptcy "of the public offer to use the payment system MoneyMail».

Each of these solutions work only in specific circumstances. There may be suggested three solutions. The first is "MoneyMail.Predprinimatel" for sites where there are a small number of commodities. The second - "MoneyMail.Internet-shop" is suitable for online stores that offer a significant range and have a great business turnover. "MoneyMail.Operator" the ideal solution for ISPs and online services, where the user can recharge your personal account.

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