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Payment System PayPal.

PayPal is an electronic payment system, whose home country is the United States. She is known for being the largest and most used more than 100 million people around the globe. Payment System was formed in 1998 as a result of the merger of several large IT companies, and after a short time was bought out by eBay for 1.5 billion dollars. After that, the company’s history characterized by the beginning of a very rapid development. A very long time, this payment system was not available for residents of Russia and the CIS. Since 2007, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan had the opportunity to make purchases on the Internet through PayPal . In 2008 on the official website of the company www.paypal.com interface has appeared in Russian. The legal space of the electronic payment system PayPal is the United States of America.

Today PayPal is distributed in 103 countries worldwide and continues to expand the scope of their activities. The system works with 17 kinds of currency. In Russia, most often used American dollars.

What makes people from around the world use that system PayPal ? Advantages in comparison with the other she has many. First. This is a very big performance. Payments in the system reach the recipients in just a few moments. The level of security in PayPal is also quite high, and you can be sure that your funds will not go away "on the side. Basically PayPal is used to purchase goods from eBay and other places, so it protects the rights of consumers and customers. So, if you bought one of the sites that the goods were not delivered or the appearance does not match the description and pictures provided by the store, it means. Spent on its purchase is always possible to return part or in full. The process of buying goods via PayPal provides for compulsory insurance payments, so if the seller is obliged to refund you, but do not have this amount, it will do for him polatezhnaya system.

Currently, PayPal is the currency of the European Union (EUR, €), as well as individual countries and regions: Canada (CAD, C $), Australia (AUD, AU $), Japan (JPY, ?), China (CNY), Czech Republic (CZK, Kc), Britain (GBP, ?), Denmark (DKK, kr), Hungary (HUF, Ft), New Zealand (NZD, NZ $), Poland (PLN, zl), Norway (NOK, kr), Singapore (SGD, S $), Israel (ILS, ?), Mexico (MXN, Mex $), Sweden (SEK, kr) and Switzerland (CHF).

But this seems to be an ideal payment system and there is one drawback, which applies only to the population of post-Soviet space: while, as the commission payments do not cause any difficulties to obtain directly is impossible. This can be accomplished only through third-party services for a fee. In addition, in order to have their own account in the system, you must have a plastic card, which will serve for input and output of the system.

Registration PayPal and start their own account does not provide any difficulty. Should simply go to the official site and pass on the appropriate link in the registration. Next you are asked to specify the country where you are and choose the type of an account that will be created. Total system has three types of an account:
1. Personal - the simplest type of an account. It is intended for the commission payments by individuals. Receive money from other sources, but their plastic cards, using this type of an account, you can not. Personal is most popular mainly in eastern European countries, since their territory is completely forbidden to receive payments on the account. 2. Premier - Pay an account, which includes both the commission payments, and their adoption. Suitable also for individuals. 3. The third type of an account in the system - Buisness , - is designed for organizations that are legal persons, and includes advanced features associated with obtaining and paying the bills.

After selecting an account type of visitor arrives at a page which is a typical registration form containing fields where asked to enter some of the passport data.

Then comes the last stage of registration - an indication of details of a plastic bank card. If at the time of registration the user is lacking, then this step can be omitted and committed later. It is recommended when entering the card details have on deposit at least 1 $, since this amount will be blocked by the system for a period of approximately 1 month. The system works with the card types Visa and MasterCard.

After registration in the system must verify your email address to which you are automatically sent an email with a link. Then you need to verify the plastic card. To do this, going into an account. Must pass this link Link and confirm card. Then the account on the map will be written off $ 1.95, and transferred to an account in PayPal (the money subsequently returned to the owner’s expense). Reviewing the extract operations on the map, it can detect the four-digit code that is entered on the site. To work with PayPal does not require special software, all calculations are carried out through a single web interface.

None of what their users’ anonymity in the PayPal system and can be no question. Unverified accounts are very strict limit and very inconvenient to use. In addition, at the slightest suspicion of the security PayPal (use a different IP address, etc.) such accounts are frozen, without any explanation. Account in PayPal is tied to credit card or bank account. Until then, until your account is not specified the data bank card account is unverified (unverified). The reason for such a hypercritical attitude to customers lies in the fact that the main principle of existence PayPal - security accounts .

Registration and opening an account - free of charge. Shipping charges also free of charge. The commission is charged to the beneficiary, its size depends on many factors: the country of the payee, type of account, etc. On average, the fee for receiving payments is 1.9% of the amount of payment. The minimum amount of transaction in the system PayPal is 1 U.S. dollar or its equivalent.

A user PayPal , living in one of the countries of the CIS, after registration in the system, the balance in your ordinary light zeros. There is nothing terrible, it is an indicator that is not possible to maintain the balance in the account for future transactions. Funds also will be removed from a credit card as needed. In case of return - funds are returned directly to the card. The balance is replenished only by users of those countries, which are allowed to accept payment, for example, when you receive funds from another PayPal account. In the U.S. electronic payment system PayPal has the official status of financial institutions and licensed as a transmitter of money. This means that the company is subject to and adheres to the rules and regulations on accounting and taxation applicable in the financial management of banks.

System PayPal first received great popularity in America thanks to Internet auction site eBay. In the CIS countries PayPal distributed as edinsvennaya to pay for lots on eBay and purchase of goods in the U.S. via the Internet. Since October 2002, is a subsidiary of eBay. The disadvantages of the system, because of which PayPal received a small rassprostranenie and unpopularity in the CIS, include: inability safe conversion of money from the account PayPal in the other electronic exchange and the restriction of the functional system for the citizens of the CIS.

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