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Perfect Money.

Logo Perfect Money

On the home page electronic payment system Perfect Money found a lot of statements about the perfection of the system, the ideal work of its services. With the amount of such epithets authors clearly overzealous, even the slogan in the logo does not shine modesty: «Just Perfect».

However, the design of the site can say that it satisfies the requirements of the full extent of the style and brevity inherent in sites with the financial theme. Nice to be surprised and multilingualism site - it is translated into thirteen languages.

All attempts to find the real company address and contact information, will fail. The only thing that can be found, is a country where the company is incorporated, company number and license number on the page "Contact Us". In this section you can find out what a company registered in Panama. Scratch thoroughly in the network still possible to find a little information about this company. It follows that the domain was registered in 2004., The company’s headquarters is in Zurich. We also know that, according to the CFO of the company, the accounts of users will never be blocked by the company can block only after receiving the Panamanian court. But it speaks only of loyalty to the users, authorizing income acquired by illegal means.

After the statements of such a plan, it is clear that on the respectability of Perfect Money can not be and speeches. In order to compete with such systems as Webmoney in Russia or Moneybookers and Paypal in Europe and the United States, the founders of the system need to review the terms of service, as a minimum. Meanwhile, Perfect Money system can compete with such systems Altergold or Liberty Reserve.

registration process in the system quite simple. Information needed to fill the registration form can be reduced to a minimum: city, country name, zip code and e-mail. What happens if the user has chosen false information about yourself? Any problems with the restoration of your account in case of loss of control over it - that’s all. The choice is only for the user - such problems or concerns to report their personal details to people from this company.

After receiving the information you need to select the type of account: Business - for commercial companies, Personal - for individuals and enter the password for your account. For security purposes, it can be done using the graphical keyboard. After completing the registration process, to the specified e-mail came a letter from the six-digit number that is assigned to an account, it will also login to the system.

users offer 3 types of accounts: the euro - EUR, USD - USD and triple ounces of gold - GOLD. In addition to the accounts created by default, you can create additional accounts at any of the listed currencies. The exchange can be accomplished at any time one currency to another at an internal rate system. Each payment system within the assigned transaction code. Any operation can be tracked by date, transaction code or type of the operation being performed.

There are three types of status for the user: Partner, Premium and Normal. Normal is automatically assigned after registration of all users. Premium is assigned when there is a certain level of turnover funds in the account or after 1 year of filing. Partner is assigned after the decision of the administration site unilaterally.

to withdraw funds from this payment system can be via bank transfer, with exchange points, which are partners of the system, through the exchange produced with other payment systems. In the list there and the system Webmoney, but the exchange with her at the moment is not available because the policy of this system for the exchange operations tightened.

In general, loyal to the policy of "independence of the account and access to still played a role, and users in the system quite a lot. Of course, not equally for bulgarians fact of international fame. Using this system or not - the choice, in any case, remains the user.

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