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National and international payment systems.

Bank account is first and foremost the safety of your funds, and the possibility of earnings in the form of interest on the balance - from 0,5 to 16% per annum.

Plastic cards are very convenient means of payment. From the usual account, card account is a possibility around the clock access to your funds, no weekends, regardless of the operating time of the bank. Calculations on the card accounts to which you are so used, may be due to national and international payment systems, we give examples of the most common ones:
1) National system of mass electronic payments - banks that do not have proper facilities for the production of plastic cards, and are not (can not be for reasons of non-compliance) as members of international payment systems, are involved in multi-issuer system, the National Bank.
2). The most popular international:
VISA - initial payment system of North and South America, Australia and Oceania.
Master Card - originally the payment system in Europe (the MC).
American Express - one of the most prestigious payment systems (the AU).

Other payment systems Discover, Maestro UK, Solo, Diners Club, JCB и Carte Bleue.
There are currently no special restrictions on the use of systems, but good manners is the issue to the card account card systems, and both MC and VISA. This is primarily to avoid inconvenience, if the bank suddenly ekvaer is not a member of at least one payment system, in addition, one card serves as the main and the other a spare.

In the world of finance these payment system called the clearing systems. Simply put, the clearing system - a system of non-cash settlements, in this case between banking institutions. Banks participating systems have a processing center, which provides offsets and converting. Party system - the bank can act as:
- Bank of the issuer (issue cards);
- Bank ekvaera (service cards).
In addition, one member of the system can simultaneously and produce and maintain a map. For the average person it means that if he chooses to use card issued by the Bank A to Bank network A, then it will not pay a commission system, and if he uses a map of Bank A to Bank B network, the service charge he would have to pay the reward system. Remuneration depends on the operations and more operations will produce a processing center, the higher the commission.

The most expensive operation is an opportunity to redeem cash from 0,5 to 4% if you have an account in USD, and the calculation is carried out in Europe, you will pay for the conversion from 0.5 to 5%. We ate there two operations at the same time the commission added.

The user should be aware that if you pay in the shops (acquiring network is now in stores everywhere) a plastic card, the commission pays the store owner if you withdraw funds from an ATM, you pay for it by the user. If you are told that the store lost internet connection, and you can not pay card, then you can claim to settle on Drugs imprinter (authorization of the transaction occurs on the slip over the phone). Any store that signed the contract for services in acquiring the system, and has signs of VISA and MC on the door and cash register area shall be obliged to serve you. If you are not served, you can file a complaint, and the system will impose sanctions on the bank ekvaer and shop, and you pay a penalty.

Bank payment cards

Plastic cards are divided into classes:

- The most budget is kind of a class «VISA Electron» and «MC Electronics» - these cards are worth less than $ 1 a year for these cards is a limit on rent money, a network of ATMs and bank offices around $ 1000 per month, in addition do not enjoy the confidence of the restaurants, car dealerships, the network expensive stores. If you, for example, want to pay for a rental car this card, you'll have to go through security check (the SC), which means you'll have to wait until Sat store submits a request to the issuing bank, and yet the answer will come your bank machine you will not be what it may take more than one hour.
- Middle class Classis VISA and MC Mass. The cost of these cards from $ 10 per year. These cards are more secure, usually equipped with a chip. Often used by tourists and vacationers. Often these cards banks use for credit products. Restriction on removal of funds from ATM and bank vaults around $ 5000 per day. When you pay at the hotel restaurant will not cause embarrassment, but when purchasing luxury items, as well as for the previous class will have some difficulty. But rent a car, you can easily.

- VISA and MC GOLD, belong to the prestigious class, the cost of $ 100 a year, often the owner of such card is required to keep minimum balance equivalent to $ 100. The owner of this card falls under the loyalty program from the shops and car dealerships. Has the possibility to book hotel accommodation, tickets for flights and other bonus discounts, for example, reduced commission for cashing.

- VIP class. For maps of VIP class includes a segment PLATIUM, not available to anyone interested, and we are not talking about the cost. Generally available to customers with a turnover on the card account ranges from $ 100 thousand a year. Owners of these cards, always meets general manager of the store. Map has all the GOLD class, in addition, provided additional preferences, for example, book a deluxe room in a hotel or buying tickets, will your personal bank manager. Airports and stations you will have a separate waiting room. Reserve a table in a restaurant, which is impossible to get, it might be yours. Sometimes, in an exclusive service may include even protect the client, and the ability to call the chairman of the bank at any time.

In addition, banks can provide maps of various classes for free to attract customers in mind, or the conditions of the payment system for the compulsory number of cards a certain class.

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