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Payment System RBK Money.

RBK MoneyThe effective date of the payment system RBK Money is June 23, 2008 On this day, known to many Russians the domestic payment system Rupay changed the name of his system and made his official site www.rbkmoney.ru. RBK Money is a single payment system, which operates in real time. As an advocate of currency called the unit of computation of the property rights of the user associated with rubles and may they freely share. With other kinds of exchange system is not working.

The system does not require installing any software on the user’s computer, registration and perform all operations in the RBK Money is easy. It is therefore a popular system among many Russians. All transactions are made with the company’s site, where the pre-registration. You must enter data: 1) surname and name;
2) e-mail address;
3) The password to log into the system;
4) payment password;
5) answer to your secret question;
6) Anti-spam confirmation code.

In the system there are two kinds of purses. 1. Standard. Is designed to store money and will not be the owner of any additional opportunities.
2. Advanced. Available to users who produce their passport details of the company. These customers receive a number of privileges:
1) lower taxes on the amount of use (0.3%, while in the standard - 0,5%);
2) the increased limit refill with the bank card;
3) return of all funds that were not used;
4) service, which gives an opportunity to make transfers to another kind of electronic currency.

In order to protect the user further has the right to block the visit of his wallet with all IP-addresses, except his. Also indicated an additional payment password, which guarantees the protection against fraud and returning funds in case of non-Internet-shop conditions of the transaction.

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