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Payment System UkrMoney.

On November 1, 2008 Internet payment system UkrMoney.com suspend implementation of all payment requirements of its users.

Logo UkrMoneyUkrMoney - is one of the new but rapidly gaining momentum electronic systems, which is primarily intended for the Ukrainian population. It was launched and became operational on March 1, 2006. Soon the system was replaced by the owner, and today it is owned by Privat EQ Ltd, whose headquarters is located in Kiev, and is a partner country’s largest bank Privat Bank. Today, in this new system operates approximately 10,000 accounts. In fact, actual users is much smaller, as natural or legal person is entitled to possession of an unlimited number of accounts and an account.

Sign up and use the payment system may UkrMoney citizen of any state, but to take full advantage of all facilities shall be restricted to persons residing in the territory of Ukraine. To clear advantages of the system is attributed to the extreme simplified mechanism of registration, which requires only the introduction of e-mail address and password, as well as work support at any time of day. After registering on the e-mail came a letter with a reference, passing through which you avtoriziruetes in the system. The identifier in the implementation of operations supported e-mail user.

System UkrMoney works with 4 equivalents of currencies:
1. U.S. Dollars - UM USD;
2. Euro - UM EUR;
3. Ukrainian hryvnia - UM UAH;
4. Russian Ruble - UM RUR - were issued relatively recently, in 2007.

For each equivalent to one or another of banknotes in the system provided for the creation account, which has a 16-digit number. Total may create up to 19 such accounts. If this amount is not enough, you can create more, but with each new account will cost to 1 hryvnia.

Input and output of the system UkrMoney provided with vouchers, and bank cards. The latter method is more convenient and is more common. The system produces its own maps UkrMoney. Registration of such a card is worth 5 hryvnia, and the commission when withdrawing funds - 1% 5 hryvnia (except for "Privat Bank, where she is only 1%). Generally, transfers between funds system UkrMoney and Ukrainian banks is very convenient.

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