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Payment System WebMoney.

Logo Webmoney Money WebMoney electronic system can be characterized as one of the most popular not only a friend , but in general in the world. The system was created in 1998. At that time, few Internet users in general, they imagined that such electronic money and for what they need. Therefore, the development of the company at first place in very harsh conditions, the first book had literally to drag force with a variety of bonuses and discounts. Today, their number has exceeded 7 million, and the system itself has become very popular. The reason for such popularity, most likely, is a high degree of reliability of the system, which excludes the loss of funds from the customer’s account.

The manager system WebMoney and owner of all its symbols and logos is SIA "DigiMoney", located on the territory of Lithuania. The technology belongs to the corporation WM Transfer Ltd , located in Belize. The main structural units of WebMoney is the operator and the guarantors.

as operator of the system appears CJSC "Computing Forces» in Moscow. In the task pane, the operator enters all operations in the system, ensuring their safety and reliability. Warranty valid on the territory of certain countries and dealing with issues of legal areas. The location of the guarantor depends on the currency in which the system works. For example, the guarantor of the ruble of electronic currency is owned LLC "WMR» in Moscow. Russia Official site - http://www.webmoney.ru/ .

Guarantor - commercial or credit institution, which provides input / output means to / from the system on behalf of the owners of WM-purses of the type.

purse and electronic currency indicated acronym WM, to which is added at the end of one of the seven letters.

Total to date in the system is allocated seven types of electronic equivalents of currencies, which correspond to certain types of purses WebMoney:
1. Z-purse (WMZ) - works with the dollar, its code is a 12-digit number. Guarantor for WMZ favor Amstar Holdings Limited, Postal address: 1 Limekiln Close, Dublin 6, Ireland.
2. R-purse (WMR) - ruble. Its currency - the equivalent of Russian rubles. Also has a 12-digit code. Guarantor for WMR stands "WMR" Ltd Russia, Moscow tel / fax: +7 (495) 727-43-33
3. U-Wallet (WMU) - designed to store Ukrainian hryvnia. His number - this is 12 digits preceded by the letter is «U». Guarantor for WMU supports: LLC "Ukrainian Guarantee Agency" Kiev Phone: +38 (044) 4985960
4. B-purse (WMB) is working with the Belarusian rubles. This code is similar to Ukrainian, but contains the letter B. The Guarantor for WMB supports: OAO Technobank "Republic of Belarus Minsk Phone: +375-172-37-43-94
5. E-Wallet (WME) was founded in the system later than the above. It is designed to work with the euro currency. The code consists of the letters E and 12-digit number. Guarantor for WME serves Netec Financial ltd, Address: 12 Grigori Afxentiou Avenue, office 53, 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus.
6. G-Purse (WMG) - also a relatively recent innovation. Its currency, the equivalent of gold and converted to the number of grams of the precious metal. Type code -- G + 12 digits. Guarantor for WMG supports WM Metals FZE, POBox 182041, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Tel: + (971) 04 2088369
7. Y-purse (WMY) - its currency equivalent sumam Uzbekistan. Also includes a number of his letter Y. Guarantor for WMY appears: Uzbek Guarantee Agency LLC «TILLO-GARANT» Republic of Uzbekistan Tashkent Phone: (8-371) 215-64-20, 150-42-11
8. In addition to the seven listed above, there are two special purse for operations related to lending - C and D (WMC and WMD).

course, the reliability of the system WebMoney - it is an undoubted plus. But it requires a number of security measures, because of which the registration process in the system, installing additional software, and sometimes work with the currencies are so complex that some clients are forced to use other electronic payment systems.

Specialized software, installation of which the computer is necessary to use a purse, called the WM Keeper. There are three varieties of this program:
1. WM Keeper Classic - the only one of three species, its own software, which you should download and install.
2. WM Keeper Light - all the necessary software is on the site system and its use is through a browser.
3. WM Keeper Mini - modification of WM Keeper Light, possessing a minimum of a function, but allows to work on mobile phones.

Each of the three types of WM Keeper has its advantages and disadvantages. Must adhere to the following rules:
1. If you need maximum capacity and comfortable work, while you are not too lazy to spend a time downloading and installing programs, you should select WM Keeper Classic.
2. With a bad connection to the Internet will be the most convenient WM Keeper Classic and WM Keeper Mini.
3. If you work with different computers and the Internet are visiting clubs, the best WM Keeper Mini or WM Keeper Light.
4. If you are not using Windows, and another operating system, then the best option - WM Keeper Light or WM Keeper Mini.
5. If your use of purses limited shopping in online stores, it is best to choose a WM Keeper Mini.

Consider the process of registration in the system as an example of WM Keeper Classic
1. Download the program to install the WM Keeper.
2. Install this software on your PC.
3. Start the program WM Keeper. Then proceed with the registration.
4. Choose a region hard disk, in which files are saved with secret keys and wallets. Press the button «Create» .
5. After completing registration you will receive WM-identifier, which is required for entrance to the payment system. This ID and password can be filled, as well as create and save a copy of the file with a key.
6. Then automatically be created, four of these types of purses.

To use the system to go to WM Keeper Classic. Click "Login" and enter a WM-ID and password. After connecting the program with the server wallet ready to use. During the various operations of the transfer of funds between purses of the system keeps a commission of 0.8% of the amount of payment.

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