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Payment System Yandex.Money.

Logo Yandex.MoneyRussia is a universal payment system, which appeared in mid-2002 as a result of an agreement between the company Paycash and search engine Yandex . System from the beginning has evolved very rapidly and today is one of the most popular in our country, which partly contributed to the fame and good reputation of Yandex. Currently, the system continues its development: new facilities and services, increasing the area of application of the system. Yandeks.Deneg advantage is the simplicity of account opening - enough for a register. Interface is also very beautiful, simple and convenient.

In implementing financial manipulations within the Internet system as a tax deducted 0.5% of the amount transferred. When cashing of funds, this amount increases to 3%, in addition, for the transfer of a separate fee is charged by the bank or by mail.

Head Office IT company "Yandex" located on the territory of Moscow. It has offices in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Odessa, Kiev, Simferopol. In 2008, the company’s management announced the opening of offices in the U.S. state of California.

the actual owners of the company are mainly shareholders, many of whom - her present or former employees. Name of the official website of the company is well known to every internet user - www.yandex.ru .

only currency system Yandex.Money are Russia’s ruble.

One of the main advantages of the system Yandex.Money before WebMomey - ease of use. Of course, this had to sacrifice a degree of protection means, no one has yet conducted a special audit that reliable: only code Yandex or complex multi-codes and identifiers WebMoney.

There are two ways to become a party system Yandex.Money .

The first method is more straightforward. This account is opened directly on the official site, it creates a virtual wallet. One need only know a single billing code with which you can enter into your purse and easily make payments and transfers from any computer in any part of the world you are. But it allows you to manipulate your funds to anyone who can find your security code.

second method resembles that of the system WebMoney. At the official site you can download a special program - a purse - install it on your computer and to deposit money there. At the same time maximize your funds are protected, but the operation with them can be done only on the computer.

Here’s a sample list of actions in order to install on your computer Yandex purse and begin to use it:
1. Download the installation file Yandex.Money and install the program on your computer.
2. In special fields is introduced, and then confirmed by a password consisting of no less than 8 characters.
3. Then you will see a field in which you must enter 60 random characters to generate the so-called electronic signature of the client.
4. In the next window, choose processing center and the type of currency to open an account (in the system Yandex.Money to make and receive payments can be 20 different ways). Also available is information about the client.
5. Then the program will be initialized with an electronic purse, ready for operations.

Electronic payment system Webmoney 27.11.09 banned from the exchange of its currency at a currency "Yandex.Money" because according to experts Webmoney, "Yandex.Money" do not provide proper identification of the owner of funds that can contribute to illegal or questionable transactions.

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